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OSP Anti-oxidation Machine
OSP Anti-oxidation Machine
Product Introduction

1、 Process: Plate feeding → degreasing → overflow water washing 1 → overflow water washing 2 → municipal water washing → micro corrosion → overflow water washing 3 → overflow water washing 4 → DI water washing → suction drying → blow drying → anti oxidation → blow drying → overflow water washing 5 → overflow water washing 6 → DI water washing → suction drying → blow drying → dry plate combination → plate discharge
2、 Characteristics 1. Advanced process structure design, combined with soft conveyor rollers, avoids scratches on the surface of the workpiece.
2. Adopting a small wheelbase and dual transmission system, it can make thin and small plates (50 × 70mm) passes smoothly.
3. Continuous filtration system to maintain stability of the solution.
4. Advanced water circulation system and PLC control system can save energy and reduce production costs.
5. Integrated drainage and exhaust systems, transparent tempered glass windows, making the machine beautiful and elegant.
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